Adjustable Sine-Plate
for Rotary Tables

  • Sturdy welded steel construction. Stress relieved before finish machining.
  • Angle range is from zero to 45°.
  • Center of rotation in line with center of rotary table (6in center height shown).
  • 3/4" Acme screw and PN:20116 Vise Handle for adjusting angle.
  • There are four clamping points to securely hold the angle in position.
  • Radial wear surface lined with turcite for long life and grease free operation.
  • Gage blocks used under a 5" offset dowel pin (5" sine plate configuration) to accuratly set angle
  • Sine bar constants can be used from the handbook for a 5" sine bar. With the placement of the pin at the rear of the unit, zero angle starts with a full stack of gage blocks (3.645") and work down to a .100" block at 45°
  • Gage block support block is fully thru hardend tool steel, precision ground and calibrated to within ±.0005" for stack height.
  • Model shown here is for a HAAS HRT-210, 5/8" keyslot and two bolt down locations.
  • Base of unit has two sine keys to align to your t-sloted table. And slots for two 1/2" hold down bolts.
  • Send us your make and model with specifications and one can be tailored to fit your rotary table.